Peak to Plains Food Distributing is Colorado Springs based food hub, set up to expand local food production by linking southeastern Colorado food producers with eaters.

Building from a 30-year history in conventional produce distribution to institutional customers, the 4635 Town Center facility is being converted to a full-fledged food hub with meat processing.

Peak to Plains trucks now collect produce from across eastern Colorado, and distribute as far north as Fort Collins, as far south as Bent County and as far west as Chaffee County.

Callicrate Beef is processed from carcass on-site for the Ranch Foods Direct retail operation, and is available, with other proteins, through the Peak to Plains Food Distributing wholesale operation.

Future plans include the addition of commercial kitchens to pollinate new businesses.

What we offer


Growing from the conventional sourcing base, Peak to Plains Food Distributing is focused on supplying demand that will stimulate more local production. Organic production is of high interest, if it’s good, and conventional production if local and available and affordable. We’re pledged to make connections.

The truth is that local production supports a minute fraction of local consumption. Colorado producers will always be faced with a short growing season and the weather doesn’t get hot enough here to grow many of the staples. We’ve been gratified to hear from historical customers that they share a sincere interest in local production. Peak to Plains Food Distributing is dedicated to providing market opportunity for local producers.


Key members of the Peak to Plains product line staff have been buying everything under the sun for more than thirty years. There probably isn’t anything that they haven’t purchased, and nothing that they don’t know how to get.

Institutional customers source all of the everyday basics like flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Some buy special sauces and soups. For restaurants, we carry unique ingredients that enable Peak to Plains Food Distributing to be a complete local alternative to the national firms.


Integration of meat processing and produce distribution is a unique food hub concept, created to realize Mike Callicrate’s vision to Save Our Interdependent Livelihoods (SOIL). We cut for a number of local producers and a planning to locate a mobile slaughter unit in southeastern Colorado to offer local farms and ranches a capability that is ever less accessible in an increasingly concentrated food system.

Callicrate Beef is raised humanely, without antibiotics or hormones, on Mike’s ranch in St. Francis, Kansas. These cattle are revered and receive the best possible care from the day they are born to the day that they are slaughtered in the USDA-supervised facility at the ranch. Carcasses are shipped by company truck to the Peak to Plains facility where they are processed for retail, wholesale and institutional customers.